The Return-to-campus Induction Course is now available online and must be completed by all staff members. (All students and contractors will also be required to complete this before returning to campus). 

This course is designed to provide information on the measures implemented by the University and our responsibilities to adhere to their requirements if we are to prevent the spread of COVID-19. You can find the login details, with a short explanation on how to enroll/register on the course, at the following link:

Current Canvas users (academic staff) can click a link to sign in to Canvas in order to enroll and users who do not currently have Canvas accounts will be directed to complete a short registration form.

In the above link we also mention that this is the first course going live on Catalog so if users encounter any issues they can let us know by emailing

2) RETURN TO CAMPUS FORM to be returned to your Line Manager at least 3 days before you return to campus or If you are in the high risk or very high risk categories, please send the form directly to at the HR Office in confidence. 

Please remember do NOT come to Campus if you are feeling unwell.