MTU Staff Survey of Emergency Remote Teaching and Academic Delivery Models (Dec 2021)

In Ireland and elsewhere, the Covid-19 pandemic and the effective closure of physical colleges and campuses in the spring of 2020 required an abrupt switch to online “emergency remote teaching” approaches. As the emergency which gave rise to this rapid transition now appears to be finally abating, the university is working to encourage and support reflection on the legacy and lasting impact of this period.

MTU staff and students, it is already clear, are emerging from this period with a shared and largely positive experience of teaching and learning at a distance and with new ideas and intentions with respect to teaching and learning in the future.  81.3% of staff (n=283, approx. 24% response rate) responding to MTU’s December 2021 emergency remote teaching survey felt, significantly, that there were benefits associated with remote teaching and 86.6% of staff respondents to that same survey felt their experiences of emergency remote teaching is to have a lasting impact on their teaching and learning support practices. 

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