CIT has been receiving many requests for support from external organisations. Examples of such requests include the following:

  1. Requests to provide surplus personal protective equipment;
  2. requests to provide online training programmes to staff in companies who are seeking same at a time when levels of trading activity have reduced significantly; and
  3. requests seeking our assistance in the manufacture of devices which are in scarce supply.

 These requests have been reaching us through a wide variety of individuals and contact channels. In order to ensure that we respond to such requests in a timely, coordinated and coherent manner, we have decided to channel them through a specific point of contact in CIT.

 If you have received any such requests to date, please forward the relevant details to Kevin Fitzgibbon in Extended Campus. If any new such requests reach you, please send on as quickly as possible to Kevin.

 For this work, Kevin should be contacted using the email address. Many thanks to colleagues in Extended Campus for supporting this work.

 Thanks to colleagues across the Institute who have risen to the challenge of supporting our students and engagement partners at this time of national need.


Michael Loftus

Vice President for External Affairs,

Cork Institute of Technology