The University has a comprehensive range of risk controls are in place including ventilation, physical distancing, cleaning, face coverings, maintaining good hand and respiratory hygiene, and staying at home if feeling unwell.

Cleaning and Sanitising Workstations and Offices and Classrooms
Cleaning schedules are in place for all high touch points and key service delivery areas.
Staff are asked to use the Oasis Pro 20 Cleaning product (not for use on your hands) supplied to you which is refillable at various stations around campus  (see below) and to be responsible for their cleaning of their own office/desk area. Sanitising wipes are also available for this purpose. Further stocks are available at the Hygiene Hub – order form is on the Portal here.

Students are also requested to clean their own desk space before and after their class completes and the following guidelines are displayed in classrooms and labs.
Re Classroom Usage:   Also to remind classes that following the 45 minute lecture, please vacate the room completely for 15 minutes before the next class enters.

Self-service Oasis 20 filling stations

There are 15 filling stations for Oasis Pro20 bottles located at A Block, C Block, Administration Building, Student Centre, Melbourn Building, CCAD x 2, Grand Parade, NMCI, Blackrock Castle. Please see the following guide for more details:

 Instructions for refilling and use of Oasis Pro20 Sanitiser Bottles.pdf

Hygiene Supplies and PPE Service for Staff and Departments 2020.pdf

The collection point is open from 10.00am-4.00pm, Monday-Friday and orders must be completed on the order form and emailed to or handed in: Order Form for Oasis 20, Paper Towel, Masks requests 2020.xlsx

Staff will contact you when your order is ready to be collected.   Our thanks to the Student Services Company for their great assistance with this initiative.