Dear Colleagues,

As expected we are experiencing another wave of Covid19. Numbers of positive cases have risen very significantly and, although vaccinations continue to provide a high level of resistance, Public Health are under huge pressure to cope.

Attached is an updated advisory on the Public Health Guidelines.    Brief Update on Covid 23rd March 2022.docx

Importantly, we have noticed a trend emerging where there is a delay between antigen test results showing positive and the first onset of symptoms (up to 4 or 5 days with symptoms). Public Health have confirmed that they are noticing the same. In other words, you should be aware that if you have symptoms you may actually be positive for a few days with antigen tests indicating negative.

We are moving into a critical period in the academic calendar as we approach Easter and then into examinations in May.

Consequently, we are advising the following for the next two weeks, from Monday 28th March to Easter:

  1. Masks– we are asking that all staff and students wear masks in all circulatory and confined spaces on campus. This is not mandatory but highly advised.
  2. Ventilation– all staff and students should ensure that all rooms are ventilated by ensuring windows and doors are left open. CO2 monitors are in place in most teaching rooms to give guidance on the levels being experienced in the room. Please open all windows as you leave a room to ensure maximum ventilation for the next users.
  3. Antigen Tests– we will be distributing free antigen test kits during next week on all campuses. Further local information will follow.

Also, just generally, we are asking that you consider the risk of Covid19 transmission if you are organising any group meetings or events.

Please stay aware and do your best to continue to protect our wider community.

Take care of yourselves,

Paul Gallagher

Chair of MTU Covid Operations Team, 25 March 2022