Attn:  Heads of Function - Please begin with Step 1 -  A Return to Campus (RTC) Process (Flow Diagram below) has been developed to support arrangements for any potential return to campus. The purpose of the process is to outline the steps to be taken to support the safe return of limited numbers of staff and students on campus. 

This must be undertaken with the Health and Safety Team - please contact Janice Hegener, Health & Safety Officer Email:

Lead Employee Representative -  
MTU Cork Campuses LER: Pierre Medhi-Hadbi  Email:

CCAD ER:  Nicholas Somers Email:
CSM ER:  Barry Quealy  Email:
NMCI ER: Ger Lowney   Email:
BCO ER:  Alan Giltinan  Email:

Resources for Management Planning Return to Campus:

Return to Campus (RTC) Flow Diagram V1.2.pptx (Step 1) Feel free to contact Health and Safety to assist with the process.

The MTU Cork Campus Return to Campus Plan has been reviewed and updated by the Health and Safety Team. MTU Cork Campus C19 Return to Campus Plan_ 22.03.21.pdf

MTU Covid 19 Supplementary Risk Assessment is here MTU Covid-19 Supplementary Risk Assessment V1.xlsx

An RTC Occupancy Planner  has been prepared to assist departments to identify numbers of staff and students returning to their department and to track numbers on campus.


STAFF to RETURN TO CAMPUS - What you need to do

Staff Induction This induction is mandatory. If staff have completed it in the past but have been working away from campus the induction can be repeated.  

Staff MTU Pre-return to campus form

In line with government requirements to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace, MTU requires each employee to submit this form if they have been absent from their normal place of work for more than 14 days.  If an employee’s circumstances have changed since the last time they returned the form and they are now deemed to in the high risk or very high risk categories the from should be sent directly to in the HR office in confidence for referral to the occupational health provider.


STUDENTS to RETURN TO CAMPUS - What you need to do

Wording for HOD/F to send to students below in advance of Return to Campus:

Dear HOD/F

Regarding the planned return of a small cohort of identified students under your remit, you will find below essential return to campus information which each student needs to receive before they return to campus. Please send the information to the students invited to return. We’d appreciate it if you didn’t adjust the information but feel free to add further instructions as you see fit.

The information below guides students through the completion and submission process. We would encourage staff in each department/building to ask students to show their declaration on entering the buildings or individual classes.


Dear Student

An online, self-declaration form has been developed to enable you to declare your health status each day you are required to come on campus. Once the form is submitted you will receive an email from

Depending on the answers you have submitted on the form you will either receive an ‘Access Granted’ email with a green badge attached or an email advising you not to come onto campus at this time. The ‘Access Granted’ email can be opened on your phone or mobile device and the green badge should be presented to staff on request.

Any student attending campus without a pass can be asked to log on to complete the form. Any student refusing to present a declaration can be asked to leave.  If technical issues arise email and attach a screen shot of the particular error. If you have queries in relation to questions on the form or if you are not satisfied with the access outcome you can contact

Prior to returning to Campus all Students will be required to:

1.      Complete the online Covid -19 MTU Cork Student Induction. Click here

2.      Complete the online MTU COVID-19 Self Declaration Form.


a)      Click on Link Click here . Bookmark the link for future access.

b)      Login in with your email and password.

c)      Complete the form and submit.

d)      Your access status for today will be sent to your email.

e)      Present access granted badge to lecturer or as requested.

f)       If you are having any technical issues contact and attach a screen shot of the error.

Comply with Public Health Guidelines at all times i.e. wearing of masks, hand hygiene,

social distancing ≥ 2 meters and be symptom aware.

Download the HSE Covid 19 app (as recommended). Click here

How is your data protected? 

Any personal data or special category data which you provide to the Institute will be treated with the highest standards of security and confidentiality, in accordance with Irish and European Data Protection legislation.

The processing of this personal data is necessary for the performance of the contract under which we provide services to you. The information you provide in this form will only be accessed by a limited number of staff to the extent necessary to enable effective administration of this application.