Microsoft Azure Dev Tools

CIT staff and students have access to some Microsoft software such as Windows Server, Windows 10, Visual Studio and MS Project via the Microsoft Dev Tools for Teaching portal. Access to this portal is using your college email address and your college password. You may have to setup "Multi Factor Authentication" for this Microsoft-linked account to ensure security. This may require you to install the "Microsoft Authenticator" app on your phone to securely login the first time.

The URL for accessing the software is:

Click on the link and sign in with CIT or MyCIT email address. If a user already has a personal account it will give the choice to sign in with either "Personal" or a "Work/School" account. Choosing the "Work/School" option will open another sign-in page. Enter CIT or MyCIT email address and password here. Once in, click on the "Software" link on the left-hand side.

Software available through Azure Dev Tools for Teaching can often be downloaded as "ISO" files which can be extracted using tools such as 7-Zip. If the software has a license key, it can be found by clicking the "View Key" button on the software details.