What is Canvas?

Canvas is the Institute’s Learning Management System (also known as a Virtual Learning Environment). The system is integrated with the Institute’s Student Record System meaning that every module has its own area inside Canvas with all staff and students enrolled in it or given access to it based on the most up-to-date information.



Canvas was originally chosen as the Institute’s Learning Management System because it is so user-friendly. The system supports a number of important online teaching-related functions. Some of these functions include:

Some lecturers may also be making use of 'screencasting', or other software to create more media-rich content in the form of narrated slides shows, video or software demos.

Learn more about Canvas

All CIT students have been enrolled on a special Canvas Student Course which provides lots of additional information via Canvas itself. You can also find information on more advanced Canvas activities and features in the Canvas Student Knowledgebase, developed by the Department of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL).

Technical support

Instructure, the company behind Canvas, provides 24/7 support via text, webchat and email. You can access this support from within Canvas.

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We would encourage all students to use the Web Chat as the first port of call in terms of support. This has the added benefit of reporting the module and area of Canvas that you are in at that point.

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Also, please be sure to check  TEL Remote Learning regularly for updates. 

Live Online Lectures

Some lecturers may choose to organise a live online class. For live class delivery the TEL department has created a 'Conferences' link inside Canvas. The 'Conferences' link points to a system called 'BigBlueButton' which allows lecturers to invite you to join a live online class from the relevant module area inside Canvas. During the live online class itself, your lecturer has the ability to share video, voice, slides, or desktop with you in real time. Sessions can also be recorded and will appear in Canvas also.