Your calendar in Teams is connected to your Exchange calendar. In other words, when you schedule a meeting in Outlook, it will show up in Teams and vice versa. 

Every meeting scheduled from within Microsoft Teams is automatically made into an online meeting.  

To schedule a meeting within Microsoft Teams

There are several ways to schedule a meeting in Teams: 

  • Select Schedule a meetingImage Placeholder in a chat (below the box where you type a new message) to book a meeting with the people in the chat. 

  • Go to CalendarImage Placeholder on the left side of the app and select New meeting in the top right corner. 

  • Select a date range in the calendar. A scheduling form will pop open. 

Now follow these steps, not all of which need to be performed:

Step 1 (Mandatory): The scheduling form is where you'll give your meeting a title, invite people, and add meeting details. If you know the time of the meeting then you can complete the scheduling from here. However, if you need to find a time suitable for participants and can see their calendars (not possible for guests) proceed to Step 2

Step 2 (Optional): Use the Scheduling Assistant to find a time that works for everyone. 

Image Placeholder   

Once you're done filling out the details, select Save. This will close the scheduling form and send an invite to everyone's Outlook inbox. 

 Step 3 (Optional): Make it a channel meeting (only required if you want to invite everyone in a Teams Channel)

  1. Select New meeting. 

  1. Type the name of one or more channels where it says Add channel (under the time and date fields). 

  Image Placeholder 

Channels can't be edited or added once the invite is sent. You'll need to send a new invite with the updated channels. 

Note: When you have a meeting in a channel, everyone in the team will be able to see it and join in on that channel. Once you've added the people you want, select Scheduling Assistant to find the best time. 

If it is a recurring meeting, open the dropdown menu next to Does not repeat (just below the date). Choose how often you want it to occur from the default options, or select Custom to create your own cadence. 


For further information and assistance, go to: 

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