Please look at these tips to make the Teams video conferencing (VC) experience efficient and a little more pleasant for you and your colleagues:

Teams-specific VC guidelines

  • Do nominate a meeting chair.
  • Do let the chair perform his/er duties and properly chair the meeting.
  • Do ask the chair when you want to speak (don't just start talking).
  • Do this by using the Teams chat window to indicate that you would like to speak.
  • If you are the chair you must keep the chat window open and monitor it for this reason.

General VC guidelines

  • Do be courteous to other participants.
  • Do speak clearly.
  • Don't shout.
  • Do put your mobile (and other devices) on silent before starting a VC.
  • Do keep body movements minimal.
  • Don't interrupt or speak over other speakers.
  • Do maintain eye contact by looking into the camera (don't be tempted to look at your own picture).
  • Don't carry on side conversations (on mobile or email).
  • Do dress appropriately.
  • Do mute yourself when you are not speaking to eliminate any potential noise in your background (e.g. just moving around paper on your desk can be very loud and distracting to other participants).
  • Do turn off your video and only use audio if you have poor broadband coverage (audio only requires less broadband capacity but still allows you to participate in the VC).
  • Do test that everything works in advance of your first Teams VC. If you need help, contact:


1. Access your Teams Settings in the top right corner of your Teams screen

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2. Confirm the speaker, microphone and camera are all working and set to the levels and settings you prefer.

3. Click 'Make a test call' to confirm everything works before your meeting.