Please read the following checklist to enable your remote workforce: 

  • Do you manage an essential service that must remain running during a shutdown? 
  • Who are the essential staff for the essential service? 

  • Do those essential staff have a CIT laptop? 


  •  Staff should not be using non-CIT devices for CIT business 
  •  IT Services have a limited supply of spare laptops. If you need a temporary laptop for a staff member please email with the following details: 
  • Name of staff member 
  •   List of software staff member requires on laptop 


  • Is all of the required CIT software on the CIT laptop? 
  • Make a list of software required for the essential staff member and ensure that software is installed to the latest patch release on the laptop 
  • Is the laptop up to date with the latest security patches 
  • If the laptop has not been connected to the CIT network (cabled) for some time (over 3 weeks) then it likely doesn’t have the latest software patches 

Ask yourself:

  • Do the essential staff members have broadband at home? 
  • Are essential staff members comfortable with Microsoft Teams? (See guides on Remote workers, Info for all here: Remote working for all).

  • Do the staff need to use virtual private network (VPN) to connect to particular systems? (See guides on Remote workers, Info for all here: Remote working for all)

  • Consider specific deadlines coming up and whether staff can meet those deadlines remotely, e.g. exam paper submission deadlines, any staff who may need to meet those deadlines remotely, are they able to do so? 

  • Do you have all the phone numbers of essential staff?

  • Do you manage a CIT service where the contact number must remain working e.g. main switchboard number? 

  • Do you have a list of key contacts in your department?