While CIT appreciates that the move to online assessment has been challenging, the expectations regarding academic integrity remain unchanged. Academic honesty must be fostered and protected in order to protect the integrity of the academic qualifications awarded by CIT.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you abide by the Institute’s Policy Governing Academic Honesty, Plagiarism, and Infringements Relating to Examinations and Assessments  and the supplementary policy which has been approved for this period.

Further information on these and related procedures will be sent to your @mycit.ie email and will be posted on the Institute’s website.

For now, please be advised that it is the expressed policy of CIT that there is no acceptable level of plagiarism, collusion or other infringements and that appropriate action should be taken in relation to each and every instance detected.

We would like our students for ensuring academic honesty and integrity are observed and upheld at all times across CIT so that everyone will continue to have confidence in the qualification which you aspire to achieve.