Dear Colleagues and Students,


Given the current status of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become clear that Campus-based Teaching, Learning and Assessment will not be possible for the remainder of the current Semester. The focus of the Institute to date has been to ensure that remote Teaching and Learning be facilitated to the greatest extent possible, while recognising that this may not always be universally or uniformly achievable. Great credit is due to staff and students for engaging so willingly in this restructured format.


The Academic Council Executive, on behalf of CIT Academic Council, is addressing the matter of programme and module assessment given that there will now be no on-campus assessment at the end of Semester 2. Specific plans are being developed by each department and will be reviewed by the Registrar’s Office, prior to being put to the Academic Council Executive for approval where necessary.


In the context of the closure of the CIT campuses, staff are advised that module assessment by Continuous Assessment, or, where it is not possible to examine by Continuous Assessment, by on-line Terminal Exam where feasible, can extend now into Weeks 14 and 15 of Semester 2 ( i.e. weeks beginning Monday 11th May and 18th May, respectively). Staff will be mindful of the overall effect of changes in the assessment regime on the workload of students in those weeks. Existing Continuous Assessment modules will have their assessment completed by Week 13 as heretofore. Delivery of new learning material will be completed by Week 12, in line with the normal Academic Calendar.


Department-specific assessment plans will issue over the coming days. Academic Council Executive is meeting on a daily basis to expedite the Academic Quality Assurance process so that the necessary information is published to students as soon as possible.


Students who have registered to repeat modules on an ‘Exams Only’ basis in Summer 2020 will be advised to comply with the revised assessment scheme for that module. Such students will be given access to Canvas, with full access to the material for the given module. A student who elects to defer this reassessment opportunity does so at his/her own risk.



Dr Barry O’Connor


13.00 hrs