Dear Student,


CIT’s COVID-19 portal contains an online form which will allow you to inform your lecturer/s and Head of Department of any extenuating circumstances which you feel are impacting on your study. Examples of such circumstances include: death of a close relative, illness of self or close family member, sudden disruption of your personal life. Please note as follows:

  1. At this time, the scope of the Institute’s IEC Policy has been extended to include Individual Extenuating Circumstances relating to COVID-19 and IT issues. However, in accordance with the Institute’s policy, the demands of paid or unpaid employment will not normally be considered to be valid IECs. All students, particularly full-time students, should note this very carefully.
  2. If you believe that your particular circumstances constitute IECs, then you should you complete and submit the online IEC form at the earliest possible opportunity.  Once submitted, the completed IEC form will be forwarded to your department for consideration by all relevant lecturer/s and/or Examination Board/s.
  3. Should you wish to submit a claim in relation to IECs, then it is very important to note that it is your responsibility to ensure that you complete and submit the online IEC form at the earliest possible opportunity.
  4. If there are issues anticipated with an upcoming assessment or exam for any reason OR if you have more generalised IT issues, then please contact the relevant departmental staff/IT Servicedesk in the first instance as there still may be a way to accommodate for this. 




Áine Ní Shé

Registrar & Vice President for Academic Affairs (Acting)