Dear Student,


Arising from the introduction of new public health measures over the weekend, and following review by the Institute, I wish to update you as follows in relation to placement:


If a remote working arrangement has been put in place for a given placement, then this placement can continue. Students will not be penalised academically as a consequence of using remote working arrangements to complete placement.


Otherwise, all student placements are cancelled with immediate effect.


If your placement has been cancelled, then please note that your department will put replacement learning and assessment activities in place so that you can accumulate the total number of credits associated with the placement module.


Students will not be penalised academically through the ending of a placement in these circumstances.


For NMCI cadets at sea, if you have any questions about your situation please engage with your placement shipping company and contact the NMCI Cadet Liaison Office at

For cadets ashore and waiting to go to sea, the Cadet Liaison Office will provide you with updates in due course. 

Best regards,


Dr Áine Ní Shé
Registrar & Vice President for Academic Affairs (Acting)