Friday 20th March 2020 – 17:30 

Dear Student, 

I am writing to you to update you in relation to the ongoing planning for Teaching, Learning & Assessment during the Covid-19 crisis. 

Firstly, I very much recognise that this is a time of uncertainty for you and for your family. 

Your ongoing cooperation in relation to the government measures which are currently in place is appreciated by the Institute and by the wider community. Thank you. 

I also wish to acknowledge the ongoing work of CIT’s Students’ Union, not only in relation to their unstinting efforts to assist you at this time, but also in relation to their advice and support regarding the arrangements for Teaching, Learning & Assessment. 

At this challenging and unprecedented time, please be assured that my colleagues and I will work with you as you adapt to this new situation and engage in your learning in these circumstances. Our goal is to provide you, our student, with the maximum opportunity to accumulate credit this academic year, while adhering to all relevant CIT quality assurance and Health & Safety standards. 

During this study week, my colleagues across the Institute have worked together to put arrangements in place for remote teaching and learning to start next Monday, 23rd March. In this context, I wish to remind you that CIT’s portal contains a wealth of information on Canvas (CIT’s Learning Management System), other apps for remote learning, and online library resources. 

This portal also contains information and contact details for the various student services and supports which you may need at this time. We have great support services at the Institute, and while you will not be able to access these in person at this time, my colleagues are happy to assist through phone and online. 

In relation to assessment, we are working on new and innovative ways to assess your learning in this context. Given the current circumstances, the Institute will endeavour to use continuous assessment approaches to the maximum extent possible. In line with the remote teaching and learning strategies being adopted at this time, every effort will be made to conduct these assessments remotely. 

An online form will be made available next week which will allow you to inform your lecturer/s and Head of Department of any extenuating circumstances which you feel are impacting on your study, for example, illness of self or close family member, issues with access to broadband, etc. 

Modules with Terminal Examinations 

As per CIT’s Academic Planner, summer terminal examinations are scheduled to take place between Saturday 9th May 2020 and Thursday 21st May 2020. However, in these circumstances, we are planning ahead, aware that it may not be possible to hold on-campus terminal examinations during the scheduled period. Our approach will be as follows: 

  1. For some modules, the terminal examination will be replaced with continuous assessment. 
  2. For other modules, the terminal examination will go ahead, but it will be run online, in accordance with the Institute’s Summer Examination schedule, and with procedures in place to ensure academic honesty and integrity. 
  3. If neither of these two options is possible for a module, then the terminal examination for that module will be postponed to the earliest possible date and will be held on campus. 

Your department will issue further details to you as soon as possible. As already stated, our overall goal is to provide you, our student, with the maximum opportunity to accumulate credit this academic year, while adhering to all relevant CIT quality assurance and Health & Safety standards. Our planning will be informed by that overall goal. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please look after yourself, your family, and your friends at this time. 

Best wishes, 

Dr Áine Ní Shé 

Registrar & Vice President for Academic Affairs (Acting)